Before the Divorce (Epilogue 1)

Epilogue 1

“Shocked! Our dream man Li Feng surprisingly showed his presence in a high-end residential plot at midnight yesterday. The first scandal in three years ever since his marriage.”

“Li Feng drove to a garden district last night alone. It seems that the couple who like in harmony but actually at variance for three years finally become strangers and have already been at the end of the marriage?”

“The reversal! Li Feng himself posted the property ownership certificate on his Instagram. It turns out that the man who lives in the residential plot is Han Shi! All the fans of Li Feng were very surprised.”

“Horror! Li Feng’s night visit to the handsome young boy Han Shi is rejected, and Han Shi may become the first person to reject him. “

“Li Feng’s agent responded that, the current relationship between Li Feng and Han Shi is stable. There is no problem. Li Feng Instagram account has always been managed by himself. All information published is true and there is never a team to operate his account.”

“In the red-carpet preparation area of the charity dinner, You Bin, who accosted the handsome young man Han Shi, met an angry face and a scowl.”

“Bang! Our dream man Li Feng appeared again in the residential area that has been gossiped and left after a few minutes.”

“Can you change the opening?! Every time something happens you come to read the titles of these gossips! Every time!” Han Shi got annoyed and threw the game handle aside in a rage, “what are you doing here?! It is so irritating! “

Mu Jiayan became blunt after being bombarded by entertainment media and gossips these two days. In the past, when he was forced to ask the emotional questions of Li Feng and Han Shi, the topic was always about “when on earth would Li Feng break up with Han Shi”. He always had to respond with embarrassment but also politeness. However, in these two days, the questions suddenly changed. Everyone’s sights were fixed on Li Feng. The entertainment media were so crazily curious that they all wanted to know what happened to Li Feng and why he frequently appeared in Han Shi’s residence.

What’s more, it was really strange that Li Feng was photographed twice that he couldn’t even enter the door! If it wasn’t for the perfect security work of the community, the countless reporters and marketing teams of entertainment portals would have entered the community to see them  for what happened between these two.

With the broadcast of the new show of “Hand in hand with you”, especially the scene of Li Feng kissing Han Shi released, there was a passionate discussion on the Internet. On the social networking site, Li Feng’s fans and Han Shi’ fans scolded and mocked, fighting a war of words. And then they were violently fought back by the fans of a couple of the two rising in those two days. It was a kind of chaos on the Internet. The topic which was mostly discussed and debated was why Li Feng twice couldn’t get in the door?

Some fans who were so alert have raised a more acute question whether they have ever shared a bedroom in the three-year marriage?

Mu Jiayan is also curious about this!

“It is not I who didn’t let him come in…” The man who was in the center of the discussing storm took the cigarette with his sights dodged, “it was he that said It was too late and not suitable to come in. He said it showed no respect…”

So, Li Feng left after confessing his affection. When he came back the next day, he still didn’t enter the door because it was dark. He left only having a look at Han Shi.

Mu Jiayan was shocked, “you two are in a legal marriage. Why it is not appropriate? Ah… and if it is appropriate to him, why did he come here the second time? “

“He didn’t expect to be photographed that day. He said… if he didn’t come again, people would think that he had come to quarrel that night.” Han Shi’s mind was in a mess at the moment, still, he replied in a blush, “he said that he would simply come a few more times so others won’t make ridiculous assumptions anymore.”

Mu Jiayan didn’t know what to say for a while. Indeed, it was nicer and less irritable to say that they were at quarrels. After all, there are so many “fans” who hated Han Shi and they definitely could fabricate wild tales such as Li Feng came here to catch adultery and take evidence.

Mu Jiayan carefully asked, “so, you two now… what happened between you two? Are you angry with him? “

“No”. Han Shi bowed his head and lit a cigarette, after a while, he said, “I don’t blame him. It’s just because I couldn’t put our past down and I’m bewildered about his affections now.”

“What does Li Feng mean?” Mu Jiayan asked incredulously, “Is he really going to chase you all over again?”

Han Shi blushed and nodded, “he said that, he let me say yes when I’m willing to. Before the relationship confirmed once again, he won’t… touch or offend me. As for the mass media, he will handle them. “

Mu Jiayan thought about the several responses Li Feng made to the media in these two days and nodded in his heart.

Since Li Feng and Han Shi got married, the topic of their relationship has never been sunk. But, this time, it is Han Shi that took the initiative completely.

After three years of marriage, he was pursued again. It was definitely for the first time Han Shi met such a situation. Han Shi was upset since he was through great depression for several times. He took a deep breath of smoke and still couldn’t believe, “Dose Li Feng really like me? Does he really mean to chase me? “

Mu Jiayan looked at Han expressionlessly, “I don’t know. I only know that this is the first time Li Feng took the initiative to respond to his emotional problems. By the way, I’d like to tell you a gossip that all the members of Li Feng’s team have followed you. It’s said that the staff of his studio have been warned by him and was told that it has to be the very first to protect our studio when responding to all the questions.”

Han Shi choked. He coughed several times to put out the smoke in the ashtray. Mu Jiayan looked at him contemptuously, “Shiftless.”

Although he disdained the flattered look of Han Shi, he still had to commit that when he met Li Feng’s agent yesterday and saw he come over to greet her politely and to discuss how to respond to the media, he was very happy.

“That’s all I can do!” Han Shi’s mind went up and down these two days and he couldn’t even see the entertainment news. Now he was curious hearing Mu Jiayan’s words and wanted to go to the studio to check on it. While, he was afraid that Mu Jiayan would laugh at him. He frowned to make the guest leave, “Are you done? Get out. The neighborhood is about to be surrounded by paparazzi. Why did you come here? “

“So you know that your neighborhood has been besieged?” Mu Jiayan couldn’t say anything else. She checked the time and said, “did you forget that you have an announcement today? Nine o’clock in the evening! Director Shao’s movie premiere! I’m afraid you’re eaten by a paparazzi. So I came to pick you up!”

“Oh, oh.” Han got his mind back. Suddenly something reminds him, and he asked, “Li Feng… Will he go?”

Mu Jiayan looked at Han coldly: “Director Shao is Li Feng’s teacher in university. Besides, he is in Beijing now. Do you think Director Shao will not invite him?”

Han Shi, now, becomes a kind of coward.

“OK! Don’t be afraid”, Mu Jiayan can’t stand Han Shi anymore, “you two are not in the same order to walk on the red carpet at the premiere at night. Li Feng is a student of Director Shao and a movie star. He must take the lead with director Shao. You can’t meet him.”

Han Shi agreed. He relaxed a little and twisted his eyebrows, “why don’t you tell me earlier?”

Mu Jiayan threw his evening dress to Han Shi hearing his words.

In the evening, at the premiere ceremony, as Mu Jiayan said, Li Feng didn’t go on the red carpet at all. He showed out together with Director Shao before the premiere and after a short interview, he went to the screening hall through another channel. His seat was also beside the director, far away from Han Shi.

Han Shi was surrounded by several popular young stars. One of them had cooperated with Han Shi. They have been scolded for playing bad a play together naturally they had become friends. She paid attention to the camera, smiles constantly, and turns her head to Han Shi to gossip, “I heard that Li Feng often goes to your place recently, but failed to stay?”

“No…” Han Shi is embarrassed. “It has other reasons.”

“What can it be?” the young star waved to the camera and smiled playfully, “you two quarreled?”

“Han Shi found it both funny and a little bit annoying, ” no, don’t listen to those who fabricate wild stories.”

The young star didn’t believe it, “do you know how many eyes are looking at you two today? It’s a pity that Director Shao’s process is too old-fashioned to let you both walk on the red carpet together. Alas! Tell me, what the reason is! “

“No quarrels…” Han Shi felt it was not good to show a young girl the indifferent mood. He perfunctory, “what’s his temper? He won’t talk to me when we truly had quarrels after a real fight. It’s nonsense.”

The young star shrugged, waiting for the opening of the movie and not continuing the conversation anymore.

Han’s mind was in a mess. He actually wanted to say hello to Li Feng, while the occasion is not appropriate. The big director’s premiere ceremony of this kind is very different from that of the new. The movie stars will not lower themselves to a crowd with the young and inexperienced stars. In the whole process, they will go their own way. From the beginning to the end, Han Shi had only seen Li Feng from a distance when he was still in an interview with Director Shao.

Maybe he didn’t even know he was here either.

The time waiting for the movie to start was long and boring. Countless cameras were shooting back and forth and it was inappropriate to play with mobile phones as a public person. What’s more, Han Shi was not interesting in chatting with others. He can only look down at the memorial gift given to him when he just entered.


Han Shi suddenly looked up.

Li Feng dressing in a high fashion tailored suit with his hair folded up, was standing in front of him. His deep eyes were shining under countless lights. He came to Han Shi, while all the young stars became quiet. Several cameras around him turn around at once.

Li Feng nodded to the young star who talked to Han Shi, “Hello, could you change your seat with me? There’s a place in front, which is much better. “

The young star looked forward along with Li Feng’s words. Director Shao looked back and waved to her with a smile. She felt flattered at a shock and went there with a smile.

Han Shi, “…”

Li Feng sat down beside Han Shi as countless cameramen snapping in an instant.

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